How to choose a CRYSTAL for your Valentine?

Crystals and gems aren’t just little items you buy to put on your shelf.  They release individual energies that influence the physical, mental, and spiritual planes of the human body.  For example, Howlite is an aid for insomnia caused by an overactive mind.  Howlite strengthens memory and stimulates desire for knowledge, it helps to eliminate rage, pain, and stress.

Pink Tourmaline symbolizes love and heart chakra, it releases soft energy that connects with your body’s internal rhythms and release old wounds.  The positive energy helps bring love and romance into your life or repairs any existing relationship.  If you are looking to strengthen your emotional difficulties, this is the stone that can help.

Red Tiger’s Eye  is a passion stone.  It helps stimulate and increase the human sex drive.  It is often used to either increase libido or help a person deal with issues of sexual frustration.  It is believed to help people fall in love.

Green Aventurine is known as a crystal that attracts love. It promotes compassion and patience. It will help your relationship by promoting understanding between you and your partner! If there are any misunderstandings in a relationship that need to be sorted out, green aventurine can be instrumental in doing that because it balances emotions rather than just focusing on them!

Lapis, or shall I call it “Prince Lapis”, is the most powerful stone of love and romance.  The truth of your heart and mind will come together as one with this powerful stone.  If you have been struggling with communication with your partner, “Prince Lapis” is here to help bridge the communication gap.  This crystal will help remind you what that true love feels like and help get you and your partner back on the same page.  If you are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, carry some lapis with you.  It will help ease your mind and calm you down.  Lapis stimulates your mind and enhances your higher consciousness and enhances intellect.  You can wear different types of crystals as jewelry to infuse both your body and relationships with the healing energy they carry.

Rose quartz is a healing crystal and is the stone of unconditional love.  It is believed to give strong vibrations and feelings associated with romance and love.  The love stone has had this reputation for thousands of years,  there is no stone more powerful to bring the abundance of love to a relationship than Rose Quartz.

Crystals and gemstones are powerful gift ideas that last a lifetime.   They affect your emotions and relationships when you wear them.   It’s important that you know which stones are best for your loved one.  We have staff that can help you choose the perfect gift.


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